István Kertész- Dvorak Symphony No.9 From the New World 1st movement.

"Recently my husband bought CD “The Legacy of István Kertész” and I fell in love with this conductor who died nearly 40 years ago.”

This is what I wrote for the 1st post of this tumblr.  Right now I found one of the pieces in the CD has been on Youtube, 1st movement of “From the New World”, with Vienna Symphony Orchestra, recorded at Sofiensaal, Vienna in 1961.  

Refreshing, noble, articulate but supple, intelligent and exciting.  (I often use these words in my blog to describe my favorite pianist!)  Timpani is effectively played. 

Urbański also used percussion nicely.  Urbanski talks about the difficulty in creating interpretation for Dvorak No.5 (see video of the previous post).

In this No.9 by Kertesz, I was impressed by several distinctive characteristics.  


Sofiensaal, Vienna, used for recording by DECCA. Now it fell into ruins.