Krzystof Urbański, amazing young conductor

Saw a concert by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Krzystof Urbański, a young Polish conductor on June 12.

Akiko Suwanai - violin

Witold Lutosławski - Little Suite
Karol Szymanowski - Violin Concerto No.2 
Dmitri Shostakovich - Symphony No.10 in E minor Op.93

All the three pieces were wonderful.  For me Shostakovich No.10 was unforgettable.  Tears fell at the beautiful strings in the 1st movement.  Urbański understands every detail of the piece, extracts the optimal sounds from all the instruments for the well-balanced, thought out production of the total picture.  Appropriate setting of dynamics, tempos, deep sounds of strings, beautiful winds…. He has a photographic memory (so he remembers by heart everything on the score, even bowing of the strings parts submitted by the orchestra).  The way he conducts is natural, concise and effective.  

The audience was enthralled.  During the endless curtain calls, the concertmaster and members didn’t stand up to applaud him and let him receive the thunderous applause from the audience a couple of times. 

Urbański will conduct the Osaka Symphony Orchestra this week and PMF orchestra in July.

He will become the music director of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in September 2011.

Trailer of his concert with ISO in May, 2011. (His name Krzysztof is pronounced wrong by the American presenter!)

Dvorák & Urbanski (Youtube, 2008)

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